Main Tera Hero Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

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Main Tera Hero Hindi Full Movie Watch Online

main tera hero hindi full movie watch online

Download Main Tera Hero Hindi Movie

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Main Tera Hero begins with a lame joke involving Salman’s dialogue about ehsaan (favour) and Shankar, Ehsaan and Loy. David Dhawan loves slapstick humor, which doesn’t involve wit or intelligence. I don’t have a difficult time with such films. I find them perfectly watchable and enjoyable. The first half of Main Tera Hero is watchable but the second half becomes inane and overstays its welcome. Mostly, because the plot of the film is an enormous failure. It’s one of the worst stories a comedy could get. I wonder how the Telugu film Kandireega (of which this is remade) turned out to be a successful film.



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